Are You Undermining Your Own Success?

Posted by: Nicole Wilson
Category: Behavioural Agility, DiSC Profiling, Simple Tools

Think about it. No…. Really think about it!
Whose behaviour can you control?
Who is responsible for your life?


Behaviour you DO, delivers outcomes you get.

So what does that mean?  (And do I want to know… It sounds hard!)

To answer your questions…

1. 'Do I want to know?'

That depends IF you want a different outcome then you need different inputs. It boils down to cause and effect.

So I ask you? Do you want different outcomes?

Do you want:

  • More responsibility at work?
  • More promotions?
  • More skills, more knowledge, more money, more time?
  • Less stress, less chaos, less noise?

It is all up to you.

You can… it is up to you.

2. Is It Hard?

You can do it hard… Or you can do it easy.

What is or certain is it will take effort. Getting different outcomes requires different behaviour’s. Change in behaviour requires practice… And not just any kind. It required Disciplined Practice. That’s right… Reps! Repetition …

You don’t need perfection in your new behaviour – you just need to do it …

Repetition brings perfection, mastery.  You cannot get there without it. Without repetition, you get nowhere. No change.

What Is The Recipe?

You need:

  • Knowledge to learn new skills and behaviours.
  • Discipline to practice them.

Voila… Sustainable results.