The Keystone Tool Of High Impact Interactions

This Pre-Call Plan the Keystone Tool of High Impact Interactions. 

Use this tool whenever you are going to have an interaction with another human-being where it matters.

The Pre-Call Plan:

  • Provides clarity regarding what and why you are having the interaction you are planning for.  Sometimes it proves that you ought NOT have the interaction… or at least not before other criteria are met…
  • Dramatically improves the success of your interaction’s.  You get done what you set out to – with better results.
  • Improves your reputation as someone who is professional, easily understood, gets things done. You build TRUST with others.
  • Instils confidence in the other people in the interaction as you are able to professionally and comfortably guide all to an outcome.
  • Enables you to facilitate more effective and efficient interactions with others.
  • Increases quality outcomes.
  • Decreases the time you waste in unstructured interactions.
  • Decreases stress.