Sales Effectiveness

What is Sales Effectiveness and why would we want it in our sales function?

Sales Effectiveness is your organisation’s ability to succeed at every customer touch point.

Earning the customers business at the right terms and right timeframes.

The goal is to create sustainable sales growth while increasing sales conversion rates and reducing sales cycle time.

BeMore works with established enterprise who want to move from good to great.

Sometimes they are already great, and their competition knows it. They become the industry target. The goal becomes maintaining their number one position in the market.

Consistent evidence driven evolution aligned with customer needs, and excellence in customer experience delivers great business.

BeMore expertise lies in a comprehensive review and analysis of the sales function and its touch points with other business functions. The identification and creation of a strategy to deliver results. The processes and experience to implement and embed ensuring sustainability.

3 Phases

The first phase is to understand and validate the current reality.

  • What is working, to what standard and why?
  • Where are there opportunities or gaps?
  • How much gain might there be in leveraging process or system improvements?
  • How competent and committed are staff and how do we know?
  • Are the tools available to the business doing their job or being used to potential?

The second phase is to co-create with the enterprise a Sales Excellence Strategy that is all-encompassing of people, processes, systems and tools. Additionally, it must be aligned and sensitive the rest of the business and other functions deliverables.   Too often Sales team objectives clash with finance or compliance functions creating internal tensions and or conflict. This requires robust consultation across all functions and therefore must have executive level endorsement and support.

With the Sales Excellence Strategy agreed the third phase comes into play. This is an iterative process of building, testing and implementing

There is no value in dropping your price to win business – you will not have a business
There is no value in having ‘great’ relationships – you need to leverage them to create a win/win/win
There is no point in having an awesome Marketing team or strategy if your Sales function does not convert opportunity to revenue
There is no point in having great products and service if you cannot gain entry to the market place.